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The mix for RCS XV is coming! To download the RCS XIV mix click on the image to the right ->>>

Enjoy courtesy of DJ O.G. One and Rose City Showcase by NIKE!
Get Acquainted with O.G. One

Rising from the streets of Watts, California to the city of Portland, Oregon... O.G.ONE has emerged onto the scene as The NW Premier Dj, as well as a respected music producer and community activist.
O.G.ONE’s work ethic, ability to relate to people, knowledge on the turntables and versatility in music has propelled him into a professional level to land events with clients such as:

Micheal Jordan, RUN DMC, Jay Z, Brian McKnight, 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, The Game, P.Diddy...
NBA Players: NBA All-Star Lamarcus Aldridge, Brandon Roy, Greg Oden, Jermaine O’Neal...

Corporate Clients: Toyota, Nike Inc, Portland Trailblazers, Red Bull, Adidas USA…
Along with a host of many other hi-profile celebs with a list too long to mention.

For more about DJ O.G. One click here!

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